Kuntao Silat de Thouars Certificate

I post this as a sign of my great gratitude for Uncle and all he has done for me. This is copied from the text on my certificate:

Kun Tao Silat De Thouars
Willem de Thouars
The “Old Hands” way of
HAKKA (Southern Fist) Style- Kung Fu

Let it be known to all men that the below named student is hereby recognized by the authentic Kung Fu system of “Hakka Fist Style way of Willem de Thouars” and is personally recognized as both a personal student of Grandfather de Thouars and as a direct student who is a disciple of Willem de Thouars. A student in the Inner Circle, who trains behind the Closed Door in the combat-fighting martial arts systems founding father: Willem de Thoaurs

This certificate reflects accomplishments beyond others, outstanding achievements and it demonstrates that this student has legitimately trained all diligently, tirelessly and with dedicated efforts. This student has demonstrated loyalty and respect to Grandfather and creator of this family system of time tested fighting and survival arts. This Dutch Indonesian family style is unique. It is eclectic in nature and contains a mixture of various martial arts. It is comprehensive and a complete training system. It’s totatiliy draws from many influences including but not limited to; Mongolian arts, Original Chinese fist arts, Internal Chinese arts and methods, Indonesian Kuntao and traditional Village-style Silate arts, family arts, and European fencing, Dutch-Indonesian hand-to-hand combat-fighting arts and reality based training methods. This student demonstrates respect to his/her elders; older brothers and sisters in our family system, as well as to others. This student reflects self-discipline, self-respect, and reflects a direct and competent knowledge of this art’s many animal based, Dutch-Indo, and Chinese-based combat-fighting forms (da lu), conditioning, strenght and toughening methods, all their fighting principles (san da), and all concepts and various applications and is also able to teach the same to others.

Each one who holds this certificate and title has spent many years of arduous work and has maintained a high level of commitment for many years to my system. He/she has been dedicated to our old ways of learning and teaching. As a personal student of Willem de Thouars, this student has been directly supervised by me during many hours of consistent and persistent training; several days each week as my personal student while training in my backyard or in my home. He/she has been invited by me and accepted in my family and appears in the Inner Circle as witnessed this day by Willem de Thouars. He/she reflects a high level of skills and competency in the arts and demonstrates proficiency as a practitioner in this combat-fighting art’s system. Therefore, this long-time personal student of mine has my expressed consent, full authority AND responsibility to train others in my system and is obligated to oversee and supervise other teachers and instructors who follow in my system. By My commission, I charge you to continue to struggle to keep this lineage alive. You have full authority to teach, demonstrate, and train others in the traditional ways; Old Hands, way of Hakka Southern Fighting Fist – de Thouars Kuntao. This personal student is recognized as a Full Teacher and Practitioner (ShrFu) by me and has my blessing and is authorized and fully sanctioned to provide any rankings so fit at his/her discretion and will supervise others who come herein after into the Willem de Thouars family of combat-fighting methods and ways.
Chuan Su Shih Shr fu: John Malmo
Title: Chuan Su Shih Shifu (Way of Fist Art Teacher)

Founder & Grand Master / Grand Father: Willem de Thouars

Hai Deng Shr Fu

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