De Thouars Family Gathering 2012

De Thouars Family Gathering 2012
August 24, 25, 26

For those of you who know them, you will all agree that the United States will not forget the De Thouars family.

Any martial artist in the world that has been introduced to Pentjak Silat has changed their view after their interaction with these arts.

The De Thouars family is recognzied as a pioneer in the global martial arts community and in bringing Silat to the United States.

The time has come to pay your respect and meet the legend of the De Thouars brothers.


Honored Guests:

Guru Besar Maurice De Thouars (tele Instructions)
Pendekar agung Paul De Thouars
Haideng Sifu Willem De Thouars
Maha guru Victor De Thouars

Special Guest:
Guru Dan Inosanto


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