About Us

“It is with great honor for me to publicly recognize Mr. John Malmo, as a practicing Guru – practitioner in my system. I have known Mr. Malmo for quite some years and found him a dedicated organizer and a devoted practitioner with many and variable fighting skills. Foremost in my deep consideration in my sound opinion, Mr. Malmo strikes me as a thoroughly devoted husband, father and family man first, makes him a most reliable family member to any task of his devotion.

As a teacher I must remark that Mr. John Malmo is greatly appreciated by me as a loyal friend and dedicated teacher and also his caring for others. Upon my years of evaluation, of Mr. John Malmo, is my grace extended to him and in trust I know for his devotion to any task, that the technical values of my system is well cared for in his hands, as an instructor of kun tao silat de Thouars, and I wish Mr. Malmo the very best of wishes in his further martial arts endeavors. He is a contributing family in the circle of my family of practitioners”

Bapak Willem de Thouars
Kuntao Silat de Thouars
Denver, CO

Malmo Martial Arts began as an extension of Mr. Malmo’s life-long love and passion for the martial arts. Mr. Malmo teaches to a close-knit group dedicated to hardcore realistic martial arts training. These students train primarily outdoors, on all terrains, regardless of weather – rain, snow, ice, or shine.

Malmo Martial Arts provides group class instruction at numerous locations in Arkansas and Oklahoma. In addition to these group classes, Mr. Malmo offers seminars around the world. He constantly seeks to share his knowledge and passion throughout the martial arts community.

Students begin weapons training and application of combat principles immediately. This combined with our other training methodologies rapidly prepares students to protect themselves realistically, effectively, and efficiently. This is a key component of our curriculum and the first fundamental purpose of Martial Arts training.

As students progress, they are gradually immersed in the internal martial arts.  In particular, the principles and concepts of Hsing I, Ba Gua, and Tai Chi are cultivated.   Silat internal training and Filipino Martial Arts internal aspects are fully developed as well.   This training is combined and applied with all of the elements of our curriculum.  Understanding the internal arts is a long and arduous process.  It takes years of dedication, perseverance, and investigation to comprehend all that it entails.  Only the most sincere and dedicated students receive advance training.

Rank and Titles

Originally, combative arts did not employ the use of belts, sashes, or other outward signs of displaying the differences between ranks. This was in large part because combative arts were shared within a family and the family structure determined hierarchy. Practitioners were recognized by their individual skill level, and competency in battle. They did not wear “uniforms” as they are considered today. They merely wore the clothes associated with their culture, and the belts that held their pants up.

Through the years, it has become generally accepted to wear uniforms, belts, and outward signs of rank as combative arts became more hierarchical in nature due to militaristic needs. In the private sector, those living outside of a warrior culture also seemed to require visible signs of their achievements; real or perceived. Each style using separate belt colors and uniforms to signify degrees of skill and knowledge – or more often, the ability to perform ritualized choreographed forms.

Malmo Martial Arts has adopted the use of ranks and titles to identify and determine hierarchy. Rank is determined first and foremost by loyalty, perseverance, individual skill and the ability to effectively utilize combative principles. Additionally, each practitioner must devote a specified amount of time for each rank, and be able to demonstrate a complete understanding of movement and martial concepts before advancement.