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FMA Brotherhood Midwest Gathering

The World Serrada Eskrima Federation and Defensive Combat Initiative are sponsoring the Filipino Martial Arts Brotherhood Midwest Gathering to take place on May 21st and 22nd in Highland, Illinois.  All profits benefit the wounded warrior project.


Featured Instructors include:
GM Anthony Davis & the WSEF Demo Team
GM Darren Tibon & the Angel’s Disciples Demo Team
GM Tasi Alo : Derobio Escrima & Davis/Cabales
GM Chuck Caddell : Tanikala De Serrada Escrima
GM Ron Saturno : Saturno Modern Serrada
Guro Brian ‘Buzz’ Smith : Maharlika Kuntao
Guro Jim Hogue : Malay Fighting Arts
Guro Kim Satterfield : Maian Serrada Escrima
Maha Guro Wes Bennet : Lucaylucay Kali/Escrima/Arnis
GM John R. Malmo : Kombatan Arnis
GM Chuck Cadell’s Demonstration Team
Guro Scott Frank & Demonstration Team

Special Guest Motivational Speaker:
Sensei LD ‘Stoney’ Stone

For more information contact:
Guro Mike at, 618-979-3558

Pre-registration is available by credit/debit card.  Contact:
Guro David Daiber at 618-654-KICK (5425)

Click the links below for more information.

FMA Brotherhood Schedule

FMA Brotherhood Pre-registration Form

FMA Brotherhood Seminar Flyer

Midwest Martial Arts Gathering 2012

The 2012 Midwest Martial Arts Gathering will be held in Creve Coeur, Missouri on June 9th and June 10th with proceeds to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project and Filipino Veterans of World War II.  All skill levels and backgrounds are welcome.


Featured Instructors Include:

Grandmaster John R. Malmo
Grandmaster Anthony Davis
Master Ricky Lazo
Master Eugene Nepangue

Featured Styles/Topics Include:

Modern Arnis

Stick – Double/Single
Knife – Double/Single
Sword – Double/Single

Event Fees:  

2-day Pre-registration by May 10, 2012
$95.00 (reg. $135.00)

1-day Pre-registration by May 10, 2012
$65.00 (reg. $85.00)

1/2-day Pre-registration by May 10, 2012
$35.00 (reg. $45.00)

Private sessions available at a discount rate for attendees.

Event DVD will be available


Click Here for Event Flyer

The Deep End 2015

Join us for two days of intensive hands on training in the Southeast Asian Martial Arts!  Experience the Filipino Martial Arts, Silat, and Kuntao at its finest!

Maha Guro Wes Bennett – Wes is the Midwest Regional Director for the Lucaylucay Kali / Jeet Kune Do Association. His accomplishments include obtaining certification directly under Guro(s) Ted and Lucky Lucaylucay, and is one of the ORIGINAL certified instructors under Sifu Larry Hartsell.

Amo Guro Mike Blackgrave – Mike is the Founder of SEAMOK Tactical Solutions. His accomplishments include being a certified instructor in BaHad ZuBu Kalis Ilustrisimo under Dakilang Guro Epifanio “Yuli” Romo, and in Pekititersia Kalis under Mataas Guro Ricky Riellar.

Grand Master John R. Malmo – John is the Chief Instructor of the Midwest, USA for Kombatan Arnis – Presas Style. His accomplishments include obtaining the rank of Lakan Walo (8th dan) directly under Great Grand Master Ernesto A. Presas, and being a certified instructor in Hakka Kuntao Silat de Thouars directly under Bapak Willem de Thouars.

Kuya Raul Marquez – Raul is a lifelong student of Kalis Ilustrisimo, “The Sword of Ilustrisimo”. He is a direct student of Tatang Antonio Ilustrisimo, and currently promotes the Kalis Ilustrisimo organization while providing instruction to a select few students.

Private lessons (for an additional fee) are also available with each of the four instructors!

Registration will be available on May 16 & 17 as well.  Registration at the door will be: 1 Day – $75, 2 days – $150.

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De Thouars Family Gathering 2012

De Thouars Family Gathering 2012
August 24, 25, 26

For those of you who know them, you will all agree that the United States will not forget the De Thouars family.

Any martial artist in the world that has been introduced to Pentjak Silat has changed their view after their interaction with these arts.

The De Thouars family is recognzied as a pioneer in the global martial arts community and in bringing Silat to the United States.

The time has come to pay your respect and meet the legend of the De Thouars brothers.


Honored Guests:

Guru Besar Maurice De Thouars (tele Instructions)
Pendekar agung Paul De Thouars
Haideng Sifu Willem De Thouars
Maha guru Victor De Thouars

Special Guest:
Guru Dan Inosanto


Year of the Rabbit Seminar

Eskabo Daan is hosting a seminar on Saturday, March 26th from 10:30am – 3:30pm.

Featured Instructor:
Leo Fong – Founder of Wein Kune Do

Additional Instructors:
GM John R. Malmo – Kombatan Arnis
GM Mike Giron – Original Giron Eskrima
GM Robert Castro – Eskabo Daan

Cost: $40

Come and enhance your empty hand techniques and footwork. Study Filipino martial arts concepts and explore different approaches to self-defense. Enjoy a wonderful day of training and camaraderie.

Eskabo Daan

1920 Polk Street
San Francisco, CA

Out of Town Seminar

May 26th Out of Town Seminar in Glenwood, Arkansas.

This seminar is for current Instructors and Apprentice Instructors as well as those looking to join our instructor program.

Kombatan and Mano Mano will be covered.  Topics include:  Doble Baston, Solo Baston, Mano Mano, and Dumog.

For more information, contact us at:  (479)640-4455 or email at

North American Kombatan Conference & Training Camp

The North American Chapter of GGM Ernesto Presas’ Kombatan organization is holding its 1st North American Conference. This event will take place on the sunny shores of Lake Tahoe, California. It’s been quite some time since GGM Ernesto Presas has been able to visit us in North America and with today’s economy it is difficult for our members to make the bi-yearly trip to the Philippines. So the senior members of the Kombatan community have decided to take matters into their own hands by hosting this event. This is a great opportunity to be heard and have some input in the future of Kombatan in North America.

Here is the information for the camp so far:

North American Kombatan Conference & Training Camp

September 24th & 25th, 2010

Lake Tahoe, California

Instructors (in alphabetical order):

• Grand Master Robert Castro
• Grand Master Alex France
• GM – Datu Tim Hartman
• Grand Master Rick Manglinong
• Master John R. Malmo
• More instructors to be added.

By September 1st
$149 for Kombatan members
$199 for Kombatan members

After September 1st
$175 for Kombatan members
$225 for non-Kombatan members

Group rates are available.

Camp Director:
Grand Master Rick Manglinong
For further information please contact Rick Manglinong at