How to Learn

Who can join?

Individuals must be at least 18 years old, dedicated, sincere, and honorable.  Students are exposed to extreme stressors involving pain and discomfort which helps them progress and prepare for the realities of combat.

There is no previous experience or rank requirement to train with us.  We gladly accept students new to the martial arts who have a true desire to learn.  We also have numerous black belts from other styles that are working to expand and refine their knowledge and skills.


Weekly Classes

Weekly classes are currently being scheduled for the Tulsa Metropolitan area.


Join a Training Group

You may join one of the classes already happening in approved locations under certified instructors. GM Malmo visits Training Groups once a month for all day training sessions. If there is not a Training Group located nearby, you may request to establish one. Contact us for more information.


Private lessons

Private lessons are available in the Tulsa, Oklahoma and Fayetteville, Arkansas areas throughout the week by appointment.  Private lessons are a great way to get individual attention to accelerate your progress.  This is often the preferred means of training for those with busy schedules or that are looking to fully immerse themselves in their training.  Privates let you train at your convenience.

A limited number of slots are currently available. Slots fill quickly on a first come first serve basis. Private lessons are scheduled in one hour increments at $250 per hour.



Seminars are hosted throughout the year in numerous locations.  These seminars offer intensive hands on instruction over extended hours of training. You may also host a seminar. Seminars can be held almost anywhere.