Kuntao Silat

KunTao¬† Silat de Thouars is the martial art system created by Willem de Thouars, after a lifetime of study of Chinese and lndonesian fighting styles. In over sixty five years of practice “Uncle Bill” has carefully studied a dozen forms of Chinese Kun Tao and Some fifteen styles of lndonesian Silat, as well as numerous other martial and combative arts to synthesize his own unique blend.

Practiced by both beginners and seasoned players, KunTao Silat deThouars, enjoys a wide popularity in both Americas and Europe. Utilizing aspects of both External and lnternal Arts this system employs a type of body mechanics that is at once both practical and elegant.

Though IndoChinese in flavor, the self-defense aspects are not limited to the Martial Arts of the east. Mr. de Thouars has studied and employs both western boxing principles and classic fencing techniques.

Additionally, he is known to flavor his teaching with concepts from sources as diverse as Jujitsu, Okinawate, and Kempo. This is reflective of the long pioneering history he has had in the Martial Arts around the world and particularly since his arrival in the United States in 1960.

He has known both Bruce Lee and Ed Parker, and has counted amongst his friend’s legends such as Ark Yuey Wong, Dan Inosanto, and Al Dacoscos.

Mr. de Thouars is the third eldest brother of one of the most highly respected living family dynasty in the Martial Arts. His Brothers, Paul de Thouars, Maurice, and Victor and their cousins in the de Vries family of Holland are the last of a family tradition of lndonesian Fighting arts. Passed down from generation to generation, this type of “plantation training” is almost dead and is rarely seen today, even in the de Thouars’ native Java.

It is this tradition of hard-bitten practice and practical syncretism that KunTao Silat de Thouars will pass on to the next generation.

Below are listed some of the styles that comprise the study of Willem de Thouars and the influences on Kun Tao / Silat de Thouars.

Hsing le (Hsing I, Xing Yi)
Tai Chi
Pa Kua (Ba Gua, Bagua)
Hokkien Kun Tao
Fukkien Kun Tao
Shuantung Kun Tao
Honan Kun Tao
Kwantung KunTao
Canton Kun Tao

Pencak Silat
Serak (orSera)
Ci Mande (Tji-mande)
Cikalong (Tj-kalong)
Ci Punit Pantjar
Mustika Skwitang
Hari Mau (Harimau)

Some of the many forms taught by Willem de Thouars.

Tai Keh
Shaun Tun Que Moi
Pai Yun
Ling Sing Toi
Tang Lun Tai
I Hsing Po
Wa Qua
Pai Tshing
Ming Pao
Chuan Chu Pa Kua
Canton Khe

Juru Satu
Juru Dua
Langkah Tiga
Langkah Monyet